Step by step guide to creating your first project

LevelStory allows you to manage remodels, renovations, and other construction projects end to end - from initial bid to final invoice. This walkthrough will show you the ropes so that you can start your own projects with confidence.

This guide takes advantage of the LevelStory demo environment which is available at https://demo.levelstory.com/app/demo. This allows you to experiment freely without having to worry about cleaning up example data afterwards. It also means that you can use this guide even if you don’t have a LevelStory account yet.

If you ever need to reset the demo environment, simply log out by clicking on the person icon in the upper right hand corner and clicking on Log out. This will bring you back to the demo start page where you can create a new, fresh environment.

To get started:

  1. Click here to open a new tab to the demo environment. We recommend keeping two browser windows open. One for this walkthrough and one for the demo environment.

  2. Enter your name and a team name. You don’t have to enter real names, these are just to help you recognize your account and team within the demo environment.

  3. Click Start the Demo to create a new demo environment.

Next step: Set up your account