LevelStory Launch

The modern way to manage remodels and renovations. Track tasks, materials, record purchases, upload files, and generate invoices.

rocket ship

We’re excited to announce the launch of the LevelStory website, the easiest way to work with others on a remodel or renovation. Everything is organized into one place to keep everyone on the same page.

Our Story

LevelStory was founded in 2013 by a husband and wife who had experienced two home renovations that played out like a mystery movie. The mystery element was most frustrating around the timeframe and budget, but there were also moments of fear as unexpected problems appeared. Uncertainty in a movie is thrilling, uncertainty with your home or wallet is stressful.

With backgrounds in software and a good working relationship with their contractor, the duo decided to create software that could give everyone involved – from the client to the contractor and their team – a way to eliminate mysteries. Being able to see the whole story is not only trust building for the client, but cost effective for the contractor who can simultaneously work on multiple projects, manage teams, and eliminate mistakes.

On The Level

Project management software for remodels and renovations is not a new concept. What makes us different, is our focus on openness. Honesty starts with us, and we are upfront about our pricing and what you will get. You can try our demo right now without giving us any personal information and you won’t be obligated to take a call from a sales person.

If you’re just browsing software options, no pressure. If you see the value of what we’re offering and would like to become a customer, we’re excited to have you. Either way, thank you for considering us.