Manage all of your projects

From initial bid to final invoice

Connect with your team

After you signup, invite all your employees to join LevelStory. LevelStory keeps all of their contact information and work history just a click away. There is no additional cost per employee and they can join for free.


Generate bids

Quickly create complete and accurate bids using previous projects as templates. Simply select the project to use as a template, adjust the details and then e-mail your bid to the client. Once accepted, a bid turns into a project - no need to re-enter any information.


Keep track of every detail

Track tasks and materials to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Create dependencies to ensure that the work gets done in the right order and that materials are purchased on time. Add files and photos directly to the project to keep everything in one place.


Seamlessly coordinate work

Give employees, subcontractors, and clients access to the project so that everyone always has the latest information and schedule. Easily create subprojects that can be managed by a subcontractor and rolled up to the main project.


Create the schedule

Automatically generate optimized schedules based on project work hours, task dependencies, material availability, and priorities. Set fixed start times for meetings or other tasks that need to start at a specific time. The schedule will be updated after each change to ensure it is always up to date. Notifications are sent out to keep everyone in sync.


Track progress

Employees log hours as they complete tasks to ensure that every hour worked can be billed to the appropriate project at the correct rate. Clients can review when tasks are scheduled and when they are completed. Weekly timesheets can be viewed at anytime and the data can be exported for additional analysis or to be imported into financial tools.


Generate invoices

Generating invoices is as simple as selecting existing tasks and materials to bill for. All the relevant information is populated for you so you don't have to copy over details by hand. Add additional line items as needed. Reduce losses by ensuring that everything has been invoiced.

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