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Keep everyone on the same page

LevelStory is an online service specifically designed to allow contractors, subcontractors, employees and clients to seamlessly coordinate their efforts on remodel and renovation projects.

Track everything

Keep tasks, materials, files, photos, messages, and invoices in one place so everyone on your team always has the most current information. Reduce costly mistakes caused by miscommunication, forgotten requirements, or overlooked change requests.

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Scheduling assistance

No longer spend hours creating complicated project schedules that quickly go out of date. Specify your project work hours, task dependencies, and material lead times, and let LevelStory generate an optimized schedule for you and your team. Notifications are sent out when the schedule changes, so everyone is always in sync.

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Always available

From the office to the job site, LevelStory is available on any device with an Internet connection. All of your data is securely stored in the cloud and available wherever you are.

Improve transparency

Assumptions can lead to costly problems later on. LevelStory allows everyone to review the project to make sure it is on track. Project managers determine who has access to a project and what they can see and do.


General Contractor

"What is my team working on this week? Have all of my costs been invoiced?"


Home owner

"Will my remodel be finished on time? Is it still within my budget?"


Sub Contractor

"Have the materials that I need arrived? Do I have the correct measurements?"

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